Through cost optimization tools and reporting, we empower you to make data-driven decisions, enabling you to allocate resources judiciously and realize substantial cost savings. Gain unparalleled control over your cloud expenses with Cloudstak's proven framework. Our methodology ensures you optimize costs without compromising on performance or quality.

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What We Provide

Cost Optimization
Right Away

We swiftly transform your cloud spending with immediate, impactful strategies. Imagine a scenario where we meticulously resize your cloud resources, aligning them perfectly with your real-time needs. This action alone can dramatically reduce costs. Coupled with our smart auto-scaling solutions, your system adapts dynamically, ensuring cost-efficiency every moment. We delve into your storage, optimizing it to shed unnecessary costs. And with our advanced monitoring, we shine a light on hidden spending, guiding you towards smarter, leaner cloud usage. It's a journey towards immediate cost savings, and we're here to lead the way.

How Do We Constrain Costs?

Harnessing cloud spend effectively requires a combination of strategic planning, resource management, and technology utilization. We identify and guide you through actions such as right sizing, auto scaling, reservations, storage optimization, containerization, applying budgets and cost allocations. We even build out programs to educate and enforce cost awareness. Delivering immediate financial benefits and aligning with your strategic business goals by:

operational costs

Optimized resource

network design

technology capabilities

Our Values

These values are crucial in a cloud infrastructure environment as they directly contribute to optimizing operational efficiency and reducing unnecessary expenses. By embracing these principles, businesses can achieve a more streamlined, cost-effective, and agile cloud infrastructure, aligning IT spending with strategic business objectives.


Cost Transparency

Ensuring clear visibility into all costs associated with cloud infrastructure, making it easier to identify and address inefficiencies.



The ability to scale resources up or down based on demand, ensuring that you only pay for what you use.



Implementing automated processes for resource deployment, management, and scaling to reduce manual overhead and associated costs.


Waste Reduction

Regularly identifying and eliminating wasted resources, such as unused or underutilized instances and services.


Budget Management

Setting and adhering to cloud budgets to control spending and avoid cost overruns.


Continuous Improvement

Regularly reviewing and updating cloud infrastructure strategies to incorporate new technologies and approaches that can lead to further cost savings.

Our 4-Step
Cost Optimization Framework


Building a cost optimization framework in cloud infrastructure
involves a strategic and systematic approach:

Establish Baseline and Goals

Start by comprehensively understanding your current cloud spending and resource utilization. Set clear, measurable goals for cost reduction and efficiency improvements.

Implement Governance and Policies

Develop and enforce governance policies for cloud usage. This includes setting up budget limits, approval processes for resource allocation, and guidelines for efficient resource usage.

Deploy Optimization Tools and Practices

Utilize tools for monitoring and managing cloud resources. Implement best practices like right-sizing, auto-scaling, and using reserved or spot instances to optimize costs.

Continual Assessment and Improvement

Regularly review the framework’s performance against set goals. Stay abreast of evolving cloud technologies and market trends to continually refine and adapt the framework for sustained cost optimization.


SaaS Platform Modernization

A thriving SaaS startup faced a pivotal moment. Cloudstak brought innovation, upgraded their systems with MongoDB Atlas, React UI, real-time data feeds, and delivered serverless solutions. The result? Enhanced efficiency and scalability. Success achieved with Cloudstak's expertise.


App Modernization & DevOps

We swiftly dove into a customer's key product, elevating their codebase, implementing CI/CD, and modernizing systems. Our expert guidance and enhancements revitalized their workflow, showcasing our rapid value addition.



Upon migrating from a legacy SQL system to a vendor SaaS platform with an API, we engineered a game-changing solution to provide data integration for a hospitality company. Seamlessly translating SQL queries into RESTful API calls, our serverless SaaS API Client ensures data continuity for the reporting system. With scalability, cost-efficiency, and security at our foundation, we empower hospitality operations by bridging the gap with a new SaaS data feed.


Governance and Compliance

Our team harnessed cloud computing to revolutionize data analytics for a leading bio-pharma research company. Our inventive methods, powered by React and AWS Athena, uses SQL to extract relevant CloudTrail data, liberating us from third-party tools. Driving smarter governance and increasing compliance not only minimized risks but also unlocked opportunities for growth, cost savings, and sustained success.


Serverless File Reencryption Engine

Cloudstak transformed global pharmaceutical data delivery. Leveraging a number of services and microservices in AWS, Cloudstak built an encryption engine. The core automated secure file de- and re-encryption, bridging gaps left by a 3rd-party vendor payment solution. Ensuring seamless data transfer and re-encryption set new standards in secure pharmaceutical data management.


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