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Modernization services are essential for helping businesses update and improve their software and systems to keep up with the evolving technology landscape. Wave goodbye to outdated systems as Cloudstak empowers you to transition to feature-rich, cloud-native, serverless services.

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What We Provide



Systems Assessments and Upgrades

We evaluate legacy systems to identify modernization needs, perform legacy application migrations to move to modern platforms, conduct technology stack upgrades for core tech enhancements, and modernize infrastructure to optimize your workloads, costs, and delivery.

Application Modernization

We enhance applications through refactoring, elevating performance, scalability, and maintainability. We also modernize databases, migrating them to efficient platforms, and optimize scalability for improved performance.

Deployment Optimization

We containerize applications using tools like Docker for enhanced portability and scalability. We also embrace microservices architecture, breaking monolithic applications into flexible and scalable components to meet evolving needs. We design cutting edge solutions using cloud-native, serverless, and event-driven architectures.

Integration and API Development

We are great at moving, parsing and manipulating data. We craft customized interfaces to seamlessly connect and integrate legacy systems with modern applications and services. This enables efficient data exchange and facilitates system interoperability.

Our Values

Our approach to systems modernization centers on innovation, sustainability, and maximizing long-term value for our clients.



Keeping pace with technology advancements and staying competitive is paramount


Cloud-Native Solutions

Transitioning to cloud-native services offers feature-rich, scalable, and cost-effective solutions


Serverless Solutions

Serverless architectures bring increased agility, improved performance and added scalability


Integration and API Development

Improved data exchange and system interoperability through custom API development elevates efficiency and accuracy for your business.


Data Manipulation

High proficiency in moving, parsing, and manipulating data unlocks abilities to meet specific business needs.


Performance Enhancement

Our services often bring improved system performance, which can positively impact user experience and productivity.

Our 4-Step
Application Modernization


Each legacy app will have a unique modernization strategy. However, we follow a
structured process to save time on organizational matters.


Evaluate legacy systems
and define objectives


Choose appropriate modern
technologies and tools.

Migration and Integration

Shift to modern platforms,
integrate systems


Enhance performance, ensure
scalable architecture

Our Clients



SaaS Platform Modernization

A thriving SaaS startup faced a pivotal moment. Cloudstak brought innovation, upgraded their systems with MongoDB Atlas, React UI, real-time data feeds, and delivered serverless solutions. The result? Enhanced efficiency and scalability. Success achieved with Cloudstak's expertise.


App Modernization & DevOps

We swiftly dove into a customer's key product, elevating their codebase, implementing CI/CD, and modernizing systems. Our expert guidance and enhancements revitalized their workflow, showcasing our rapid value addition.



Upon migrating from a legacy SQL system to a vendor SaaS platform with an API, we engineered a game-changing solution to provide data integration for a hospitality company. Seamlessly translating SQL queries into RESTful API calls, our serverless SaaS API Client ensures data continuity for the reporting system. With scalability, cost-efficiency, and security at our foundation, we empower hospitality operations by bridging the gap with a new SaaS data feed.


Governance and Compliance

Our team harnessed cloud computing to revolutionize data analytics for a leading bio-pharma research company. Our inventive methods, powered by React and AWS Athena, uses SQL to extract relevant CloudTrail data, liberating us from third-party tools. Driving smarter governance and increasing compliance not only minimized risks but also unlocked opportunities for growth, cost savings, and sustained success.


Serverless File Reencryption Engine

Cloudstak transformed global pharmaceutical data delivery. Leveraging a number of services and microservices in AWS, Cloudstak built an encryption engine. The core automated secure file de- and re-encryption, bridging gaps left by a 3rd-party vendor payment solution. Ensuring seamless data transfer and re-encryption set new standards in secure pharmaceutical data management.


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